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    October 17, 2016
    Herbs aren't just for humans anymore. In the recent past, studies have been (and continue to be) performed to discover the health benefits to livestock. This trend has been particularly evident in the poultry industry. Many of these studies are performed in African villages where keeping poultry...
    Notice: Scroll to the end to see if you will be receiving FREE "MEALEEZ" or "FOSSIL FLOUR" in June or if you are one of the individuals who have yet to claim your mini care package! On behalf of our small team here at Seehafer Shores Mini Farm, I want to thank you for completing our April...
    Hello pet poultry & waterfowl lovers! At Seehafer Shores Mini Farm, we are constantly looking for ways to improve. We want to be proactive in finding solutions to problems we deal with raising our pets and ways to improve upon existing products we rely on every day (or seasonally) to keep our...
    March 22, 2016
    Hello fellow animal lover! My name is Kris and my partner of 7 years (fiancé of 3) is Michael. We met in 2007 at an aerospace company where Michael has worked for 20 years and I have worked for almost 15 years. We are both truly grateful to work where we do, with the people that we do, doing what...
    March 5, 2016
    3 days to Hatching: Yesterday, I candled the eggs "Black & Tan" is brooding. Now they are on lockdown. I broke out my new favorite candling device, the Ova Scope, to check out how the eggs were developing. Until now, I had been going oldschool with a flashlight in the middle of the night. I...
    March 2, 2016
    The weather is slowly warming. It is quite welcome here on the East Coast. The very last of the 29" of snow we were blasted with is finally melting. The chickens are finding more and more green to scratch around in. And love is in the air...well just for one of our girls. "Black & Tan" is...

    Dried Herbs

    Helps Fight Off Creepy Crawlies & Calms The Skin


    Dried Herbs

    Adds A Boost Of Vitamins & Nutrients To Feed


    Dried Herbs

    Makes A Relaxing Egg Laying Getaway For The Girls

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