• Welcome to Seehafer Shores Mini Farm, Inc.

    The home of happy pet poultry & waterfowl.

  • Kris: Animal Lover


    Loves animals and mini farming.


    Favorite Breeds: Buff Bearded Silkies, Buff Bantam Cochins, Toulouse Geese, Welsh Harlequin Ducks, Coturnix Quail, American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits, Pygora Goats, Miniature Cheviot Sheep...


    Michael: Mr. DIY


    Loves creating and doing.


    Favorite Breeds: Anything that lays eggs & makes Kris happy.

    Laura: Moral Support


    Kris' sister. Loves hugging chickens. Helps out with product development and marketing.


    Favorite Breeds: Anything that will hold still long enough for her to snuggle with.

    John: Analyst


    Kris' brother. Loves helping out. Also loves speaking / teaching Spanish, reading user manuals & fine print, and overanalyzing everything.

    Jim: Graphics


    Kris' brother-in-law. Loves making people laugh and creating really really cool art.


    Favorite Breeds: ...don't think he's ever actually interacted with a farm animal before...

    Seehafer Shores


    Under construction on the Wicomico River, surrounded by Sea Oats. Named in honor of Kris' late grandparents.

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