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Spring is Coming!

Upcoming Hatching

The weather is slowly warming. It is quite welcome here on the East Coast. The very last of the 29" of snow we were blasted with is finally melting. The chickens are finding more and more green to scratch around in. And love is in the air...well just for one of our girls. "Black & Tan" is currently brooding a nest of 8 eggs due to hatch next week. Hopefully they are all Silkies; my Cochin always finds a way to sneak one or two in. I need to candle them once more to remove any I can confirm are clears.

I love watching the girls sit on their nests with their zombie-like focus to make it through the 21 days before the real excitement begins. And I love that they do all the work! They are such naturals (just like the Cochins). This is the last hatch before I bring in another Silkie rooster (need a new bloodline) so if you want my last beautiful boy, "Kramer", check to see if he is still available on the "For Sale" section of this website. I'll be looking for a Buff Bearded Silkie Rooster, so please leave a comment if you know of anyone raising high quality ones. My favorite Silkie breeder is Amber Waves Silkies but they are in CA and I hate that the little ones have to "fly" so far.

Ah, Spring! March 20th. So soon! Hopefully I will have at least a few fluff balls bouncing around by then following mom, learning to scratch around and dust bathe. Cheers!

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